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DayStar lets you UPGRADE your filter later!

DayStar knows our owners will have dozens of years of life from their filters.  But what if you want a better filter later? Just Upgrade it!  

DayStar is always happy to upgrade your ATM filter to a Quantum - or upgrade your 0.7Å to a 0.5Å. Our upgrade policy is simple:  For the exact price difference shown on our current product page between what you have and what you want, DayStar will happily upgrade your equipment.

Upgrades require similar time to repair services. Standard payment terms apply. We will thoroughly clean and check your filter while it is in to be sure it is performing to its highest capacity.

Upgrade ideas:

Old style ATM filters may be upgraded to use new Quantum housings.

A 0.7Å filter may be upgraded to a 0.5Å or 0.3Å.

An SE grade filter may be upgraded to a PE grade filter.

For more information contact: service@daystarfilters.com

* HALF-BANDWIDTH: The term half-bandwidth refers to an optics industry standard of measure.  On a chart depicting the peak where light is transmitted, that peak's width is measured at the point 50% between zero and full transmission. This term is called half-bandwidth.

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Hydrogen Alpha Filters

Current Delivery Times
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0-10 days for:
Original Quark
uestar Quark
Combo Quark
Calcium Quark

2-4 weeks for:
Blocker and Trimmers
ION Filters
CaII H line filters
Quantum upgrade:  
Quantum SE Filters
SolaREDi 66 Scopes

3-6 months for:
Quantum PE Filters
Ca II K Line PE Filters
Sodium Line FIlters
SR-127 Telescope
Solar System Filter Wheel

All DayStar Hydrogen a filter assemblies need to be used in conjunction with a lens cover and Energy Rejection Filter.

Offering absolute precision control over wavelength transmission. . .

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