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DayStar Filter Specifications
SolaREDi alpha Telescope
Clear Aperture:  60mm
Focal Length:  1375mm
Limiting Resolution:  2.8 Arcseconds
Operating Temperature:  approx. 50-90° F
Wavelength Shift range: 2.5Å
100% safe and fully blocked directly through the OTAReaches focus using the following: 
1.25" eyepiece, 2" eyepiece, ToUCam, Lumenera, SBIG, SLR, DSLR, afocal, CCTV Video, 2X - 5X Barlow lenses with any combination included above.
The is designed for visual observers requiring effective filtration without access to power, and who are in temperate climates which maintain a stable temperature range of less than about 20-40° F change. Optical specifications are identical to the ATM series .

The is designed to meet the needs of most amateur solar observers.

  • Clear and usable aperture:    32 mm. (1.25").
  • Bandwidth measurement:    19 mm. (0.75") central aperture.
  • Fully blocked transmittance:    4%-8% of polarized light. Lower values correspond to narrower bandwidth filters.
  • Off-band rejection:    Average optical density grater than 6.0 from X-ray to beyond 2.0 microns .
  • Optical components:    Selected instrument quality.
  • Air-glass interfaces are anti-reflection coated in the filtering assemblies.

Theis designed for serious research programs requiring full aperture spectral uniformity.   Systems are fabricated from the finest optical and filtering components available.

  • Clear and usable aperture:    32 mm. (1.25").
  • Bandwidth measurement:    Full aperture 32 mm. (1.25").
  • Fully blocked transmittance:  4%-10% of polarized light. Lower values correspond to narrower bandwidth
  • Spectral uniformity:    The mean peak wavelength of all 12 mm. dia. areas shall be within ± 0.05 ångström of the full aperture wavelength measurement.
  • Off-band rejection:    Average optical density is greater than 6.0 from X-ray to beyond 2.0 m .
  • Optical components:    BK-7 grade A, fine annealed 60-40 scratch-dig. Each optical element other than the etalon has a maximum wave front distortion of 1/4l @ 5461Å Hg.
  • Air-glass interfaces are V-coated for a maximum of 0.2% reflectance per surface at the designed wavelength.

DayStar Filter Quantum Temperature Regulated Oven

Over the ambient temperature range of 0o C. to 45o C., the oven will control the on-band operational temperature to ± 0.1o C. or equivalent to ± 0.02Å wavelength tracking.

Diameter: 76 mm. (3.00") Length: 43 mm. (1.70")
Length with filter mounting plates: 56 mm. (2.20")
Weight: Approx. 0.453 Kg. (1.00 lb.).

T-Scanner filters require NO electricity of any kind to operate.
Quantum filters operate on 12VAC.  110-240VAC wall adapter is included with every Quantum purchase.  Users may purchase optional direct 12VAC battery terminal clips or cigarette lighter plug. For additional electrical questions, contact us by email.

Computer interface:
9-pin serial port (DB9)

Compatible with Windows operating systems.  Requires 9-pin serial port. Program auto-detects filters connected to computer.  Quantum control software manages up to 4 Quantum filters simultaneously.

Filter systems can be readily used on compound and refracting telescopes.  We do not recommend using our filters on Newtonian telescopes.  Achieving the focal position for proper filter operation my be difficult and require substantial modification to your optical system.

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