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Report on 0.5 quatum purchased at NEAF
Posted on Jun 8, 2011, 3:04 pm Author: Anthony D'Angelo

< Submitted to the DayStar Filters Yahoo Group on June 4, 2011 >

Hi Group! 

I've been a lurker on this site for many years reading posts and learning what i could from you. I took the plunge some time ago and found a t-scanner 0.5 I tried to make it work with 3.5 questar.over the years I was able to acquire all the parts for the full solar observatory.

This setup was difficult to use also the t scanner needed blockers an trimmers after letting Daystar inspect it at 2010 NEAF,I let them rebuild the unit got it back in a short time and sent it back on the Questar,again the setup on the Q was difficult to use.

This year I went to NEAF and just so happens Jen brought a new quantum so i traded  up. While talking to Jen I mentioned I had a TV Pronto she advised me as to the parts needed to make it work. I took her advice an now I can report what incredible views I've been getting. The past week I've seen some nice sunspot activity and also the coronal hole of June 2.  I also have  a coronado pst and putting them side by side is no match.

The quality of the Daystar is beyond reproach.  I will soon get into solar imaging and hope to contribute info and pics. I would also like to take this time to thank Jen and her staff for all their help. I hope to be more of a contributor than a lurker.

Clear  skies to all ! Anthony

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