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Category: Configuring Your DayStar Filter
How does the DayStar Mount on an LX-200
Posted on Apr 22, 2011, 12:14 am Author: Jen Winter

Precisely how does the DayStar mount on my LX-200 or other SCT telescope

Question:   How is this attached to scope?

You'll note in this photo here that on SCT mounting, we use a common photo-SCT adapter.   This connects the rear MALE SCT thread of your LX-200 to the DayStar's Sun side T-thread female neck.

In this picture, the SCT telescope would be on the right.  You would hold it up against your threaded end on the back of the SCT and spin the knuckle to threat it on. 
You will notice that on the left of the photo, is another SCT male thread that looks just like what's on the back of your LX-200.   That means that all your existing accessories of visual backs or diagonals thread onto the DayStar's back plate the same as onto your LX-200 or SCT.

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