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The Sun Today

DayStar Filters gets CABIN FEVER! 

We pulled 7 SolaREDi alpha units out of the production line today
(March 2, 2009)  to image with outdoors*.
The sky was overcast and scuzzy.  There was snow on the ground with freezing temperatures, but we wanted to show how SolaREDi can perform in even less than prime conditions.

No Sun, no Fun! 
As shown in the photo above, clouds were present throughout all exposures.  We tried to wait for clouds to pass for best exposures, but they can be seen as uneven densities in surface exposure and in red haze present on prominence exposures.  Clouds scatter light coming from the sun and make background sky contrast poor. This effect shows worse in longer, prominence exposures than in shorter, surface exposures.

Seven (7) scopes were pulled from the production line.  All 7 were imaged. All results are shown below. These SolaREDi scopes varied in climate range and included scopes of cool, average, and warm climate range.   Scopes were kept indoors until about 10 minutes prior to imaging.  Some scopes were outdoors below freezing for up to 30 minutes. Others just 15 minutes as we waited for clouds to pass to achieve a reasonable image. By the time we imaged these shots with scope # 7, clouds completely overcame the sun and we couldn't image any further.

Camera used is a 2048 x 2048 black and white webcam. No image-sorting or image stacking was used in this test.  All images are single frames captured in black and white, colorized in photoshop and levels adjusted with an unsharp mask of 'amount 54 radius 0.9'.

NOTICE:  4/10/2009 - Due to unanticipated demand,
SolaREDi telescopes are sold-out until after the July 22, 2009 eclipse.
We are accepting deposits only for deliveries expected by August 1, 2009

DayStar tests each SolaREDi unit live on the sun prior to shipping using an indoor heliostat configuration. This test was designed as a field test - similar to what the average observer might encounter.

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