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Daystar QUARK*
Hydrogen Alpha "Eyepiece"

This All-In-One design marries all high quality components of a telecentric barlow, adapters, snouts and Daystar hydrogen alpha filter all-in-one.

Prominence Model:

Chromosphere Model

*PATENT PENDING: The Quark design and associated optical adaptive configurations are patent pending by Daystar Instruments.

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Solar Information by C. Alex Young, PhD.
News Bulletin:  

8/15/2013: DayStar upgrades facilities.  Receives new Okuma MacTurn-30 CNC Lathe

4/2013:  DayStar releases new 127mm dedicated Solar Telescope with Doppler Vision option

6/11/2013:  DayStar Filter flies in space aboard NASA/ Harvard Smithsonian SAO mission.

5/1/2012:  DayStar releases new 80mm dedicated Solar Telescope, the SolaREDi 80, with new fast eyepiece diagonal.
6/2011:   DayStar's Jen Winter co-author on poster by NSO's Jack Harvey presented at AAS Solar Physics Division 2011 meeting.

5/2011: DayStar Filter to fly in 2012 aboard Harvard Smithsonian SAO misison to space.

5/1/2010:   DayStar releases Solar System Filter Wheel for instantaneous observation in up to 4 wavelengths

4/20/2009: DayStar to produce research filters for National Solar Observatory

4/21/2008:  DayStar announces new SolaREDi alpha scope.

5/1/2007 DayStar announces new Quantum Series Filters

Positive SSL on a transparent background1/28/2007 - DayStar Filters and amateur solar astronomy suffer loss of Vic Winter.

2/2/2006 - DayStar Filters is under new ownership.
ICSTARS owners, Vic & Jen Winter buy DayStar Filters from Del Woods.
Complete press release available here:

DayStar Filters LLC • 149 Northwest OO Highway • Warrensburg, MO 64093 - USA
Telephone: 866-680--6563 •
service@daystarfilters.com • FAX: 1-866-791-0448