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The Sun Today

Don't know where to begin?
Visit www.HowToEclipse.com for our SIMPLE interactive guide.  

Let us make a custom eclipse-day
guide for your exact location for $19.95.

Inexpensive foldable SAFE white light solar filters for your camera lens, binoculars, spotting scope or telescope.
Starting at $12.95

Sizes include:  50mm, 70mm, 90mm

ECLIPSE ORCHESTRATOR v3.7 camera control software is now available boxed on CD, flash drive or direct download for $109.00.

Moonglow Technologies is a division of Daystar Instruments

Enjoy Hydrogen Alpha views of the Partial Eclipse or any day of the year with Camera QUARK. Fits Nikon and Canon lenses and cameras. Either Chromosphere or Prominence model $1,295.00

Daystar introduces the new Solar Scout dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope Line.

80mm H-alpha scopes in-stock for same day shipping:  $2695.00 in a choice of Prominence or Chromosphere model.

New to Astronomy? Our 80mm Day/Night Bundle lets you view the Sun and Night time objects with a bundled package.

Upgrade to top quality Takahashi H alpha telescope bundles. Available in 60mm for $2,256 or 76mm for $3,079.
Enjoy Prominence or Chromosphere model at no extra cost.

Daystar QUARK*
Hydrogen Alpha "Eyepiece"

Insert the QUARK into your telescope, for high powered views of the sun in Hydrogen Alpha.

Prominence Model:

Chromosphere Model

Quantum filters are the quality benchmark in top end Hydrogen alpha observing for high end amateurs or professionals. These high precision filters are offered in SE (standard grade) or PE (professional grade) for researchers.

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Technical Notes - Knowledge Base

Articles include information on configuration, mounting, ERF selection, bandpass selection, imaging, seeing conditions and optimizing your viewing experience.

Daystar Filters' Photo Forum

Submit your photos in our simple and easy to use format.   Posting has never been so easy.

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